Artist Statement

My work is a glimpse into a world of reinvention where my practice examines and reinvents the beauty within objects that have been discarded, lost or are defunct and are re-found.
With the use of fine hand stitch and beading I create assemblages, exquisite artefacts, shrines of complex and intricate detail, configured from twisted shrapnel and broken jewels to animal bones and beautifully oxidised rusty nails.

My practice reflects an ethos of using what is around us to create, the precious treasures I find enables a sense of the familiar but is reimagined, refashioned and presented in a new context and configuration.
I draw inspiration from religious reliquaries, shrines and ceremonies constantly referring to themes of human ritual, remembrance and devotion. I want my work to reflect the opulence of ancient relics, embellished and decorated objects/shrines that have been worshipped and revered as holy or ceremonial. My work reflects these reoccurring obsessions and fascinations, whilst the embedded narratives allow the viewer to immerse their interest in the fanatical attention to detail. The repetitive proportions and placement of the wonders I gather are all elements of my process that enables the transformation of the mundane and discarded. 

Ultimately the extraordinary grows from the ordinary, damaged, lost or defunct.